[isf-wifidog] Login/Portal Customization

Nick Powers nickpowers at trentu.ca
Ven 11 Avr 12:59:43 EDT 2008


  This is my first look at wifidog and captive portals in general. I
would like to have on the login screen a simple login with our logo and
a second pane with a couple links. There would be no "Create account" or
"Find Hotspots" as we will only be running a single gateway and auth
server for all AP's. I looked through the 3 documents on the website
regarding customization and played a bit with the adding of content but
was having difficulty find how to remove items from the login portal
pages. (i.e create account, Find Hotspots, etc) Here are my specific

1. Server OS: Suse 10.1
2. Gateway & Auth on same server.
3. wifidog gateway/auth server downloaded from svn April 5th 2008

Any help would be appreciated.


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