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Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Mer 9 Avr 10:38:54 EDT 2008

Hi David,


I am struggling to help you... I would have thought you would have to
set up a network for each user list you have and then add a node to each
of the networks. but looking at the DB, it doesn't look like the user
list will be separate.


If this doesn't work, you should open a ticket with a feature request.


For adding content to the welcome page, you should go to "node
Administration" > "Edit Node". you can then add for instance:




This would create a <DIV> on the left hand side with a title Access All
Hours, then for hyperlinks below. I used the content type
"TrivialLangString" for "Access All Hours" and set it to English. I then
used the content type "Hyperlink" for each of the hyperlinks.


If you come across major errors in the future, you can use the command
"su postgres" then "dropdb wifidog". If is says there are still
sessions, restart the server and try again. Once this has been done, all
you need to do is re run the install script.




Robin Jones


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Trying to setup a service where different restaurants can have a custom
welcome page & user database.

Our servers as the backend, and WRT54Gs' running DD-WRT as the APS.

I need to know how to customize the welcome pages, but before that, I
need to know how to segment them.

I tried to create new nodes, but after doing so, the whole system got
screwy with DB errors to where I couldn't even get in to manage as

Now I'm on my 3rd install and afraid to touch it.


Thanks for your help.



Thank You


David B. Moadab


P:+1 (305) 677-2389 x3174

F:+1 (866) 620-6787

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