[isf-wifidog] Another authentication method?

Michael Way michael.j.way at gmail.com
Jeu 3 Avr 19:48:15 EDT 2008

Hi, Currently, as I have my authentication server setup
the potential user must create an account while they are temporarily connected
to the internet. They receive an email link that allows them long-term
access to the
internet once they click on the link. However I don't want to allow
even 1 second of access to the internet by the potential user.

I have a situation where I will have visitors on my network, but the
email authentication would
be sent to their sponsors email accounts. Instead of sending a longish URL link
I would like to have an authentication token in the form of a
short(ish) alpha-numeric string that the visitor could
authenticate with once the sponsor receives it (and prints/writes it
down for them). This would prevent
unwanted people from using my network for even 1 second (a requirement).

Does such an authentication mechanism exist, but perhaps I'm unaware of it?
Would it be possible for me to modify a particular script or two to make such
functionality possible?

Thank You!

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