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Jeu 27 Sep 16:28:36 EDT 2007

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From: michel memeteau <mmemeteau at marseille-wireless.org>
Date: Sep 27, 2007 2:39 PM
Subject: [wsfii-discuss] Some words about upcoming POLARIS firmware
release from France Wireless
To: community at freenetworks.org, wsfii-discuss at lists.okfn.org

Hi everybody,

I'm cross posting Wsfii & freenetwoks mailiing to reach a max of people.

I m part of France Wireless :  a group gathering most of the wireless
groups in France as Redlibre in spain for example.

We worked together to make the setup of a Wireless node ( Mesh +
captive portal ) for gratis access. the current name of the firmware
is POLARIS. We use freifunk and wifidog mostly ( and tinyproxy if
needed ) .

the TRAC is here : http://dev.wireless-fr.org , sorry as english
translation is not ready , you can browse it through google translate

Current firmware is here

and setup guide here

 We release in few Weeks the POLARIS 0.2 : see the roadmap

This project is just a playground , I guess most of your communities
have already an easy to setup firmware for meshing & captif portal.
Oui aim is not to do better than all the other projects but to gather
simple requirement to make my mother being able to create a free
hotspot with her WRT  .....

So this mail is more to do a summary of what has been done in each
community; I remember

Melbourne ( australia ) has done a web based firmware generator
red libre , I don't remember
Wifree project is quite dead ?
and I guess there are several other projects  ?
i'd like to know if you feel like me that wireless access could be
more spread if an easy installer for available for current flashable

thanks for your attention :-)

Michel memeteau
VOIP | Visio: sip:freechelmi at gizmoproject.com
Fixe :  0874763294
Mobile : 0624808051
jabber/GoogleTalk : freechelmi at jabber.fr
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