[isf-wifidog] ISF's participation with CRAWDAD and new Wifidog-related interview

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Ven 14 Sep 12:10:38 EDT 2007

I think that this is really relevant news for this list.

ISF recently freely donated anonymized data from our network to a
central data repository for researchers.  CRAWDAD is a project based
in Dartmouth University and they collect network data from different
kinds of wireless networks so that researchers have a central place to
go look for real-world data.  Benoit Gregoire and Francois Proulx did
the technical coordination as well as helping out with the non-tech

There is an front-page article on our participation in CRAWDAD on the
newsletter they just published.  I encourage people to read it (even
though it's a pdf).


We worked with them to modify their data-sharing license in order to
address our privacy concerns (for our users, not to protect any
competitive advantage).  They were respectful of our needs and
appreciative of our willingness to share our data.  There are engineer
and social science researchers part of the CRAWDAD network and we're
looking forward to seeing analysis that will give us answers on how to
improve the running of our network as well as how to assess and
improve the social impact that we are having on Montreal.  There's
some more information about the questions we hope to have answered in
the newsletter.

CRAWDAD hopes to collect datasets from other groups using Wifidog in
order to solicit comparative analysis between cities and between
different types of deployments.  Partnering with researchers has been
an important part of ISF since the beginning and it's always benefited
us in different and often unforeseen ways.  We hope that network
operators in the Wifidog community will share this practice to benefit
us all.  It's surprising how big the returns can be from these
altruistic partnerships with the research community.

I'm cc-ing David and Jihwang from CRAWDAD.  Contact them or Benoit or
I for any questions.  (Keeping the conversation on list is always the
first choice).   We will keep this list up to date about any research
we get back.  And Ben or I will send the url for the data once the
description is finished.

mike lenczner

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Francois and I got to see Benoit give a great presentation at the
workshop this morning.  He was the first presenter and he gave a very
thorough and actually pretty funny presentation.  CRAWDAD is very
excited about having our data set and being able to offer it
(anonymized of course) to researchers.

Their newsletter just came out with an interview about ISF's
contribution.  The pictures we took at the TopChallenge de-brief the
other day are in it.  Definitely go read it, I think that Ben and I
did a good job of representing ISF and answering the questions.  It
has some great historical information.



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