[isf-wifidog] WifiDog and RoamAD

Dylan Reeve dylan at bunkermedia.co.nz
Mer 5 Sep 19:04:35 EDT 2007

We've recently moved our community network onto a commercial platform 
operated on RoadAD hardware. I thought I'd drop you a line to let you 
know what I've learned. 

The main thing is: WifiDog and RoamAD won't play together.

There's no especially easy way to get WifiDog operating on the RoamAD 
platform. Although in certain circumstances is probably could be done.

The RoamAD supported access points do run a version of Linux, I believe, 
so in theory it might actually be possible, but that is a big maybe.

What could work, however is using RoamAD's networking technology only, 
and simply using a VLAN from the Wireless network to a single server, 
where access could be controlled with WifiDog. However the limitation 
here appears to be that the direct traffic routing features appear to be 
all or nothing - so while the RoamAD software and associated hardware 
support multiple unique SSIDs (up to 16 on the platform we're on I 
believe) raw VLAN-style traffic routing can't be setup for just one of 
the SSIDs, it has to apply to the whole node. So all SSIDs on that node 
would be routed over that link.

The way we're integrating with our RoamAD platform is no without 
WifiDog. A client connecting to an SSID for the first time is redirected 
to a configurable login URL within a 'walled garden' IP range. That is 
on our server. That page has a simple Username/Password form, which 
submits to a specific URL. Requests from the client's browser to that 
URL are intercepted by the node, and then a Radius request is generated 
with the submitted username and password and delivered to a Radius 
server that has been defined for that SSID. If the Radius request is 
sucessful the client is redirected to a 'Success' page, otherwise they 
are given a login failure popup message and redirected to the login page.

It's simple and fairly easy to implement, but a little limited in some 

This is based on our specific usage on a commercial metro wifi network 
deployed on RoamAD hardware.

Dylan Reeve
Bunker Media
Ph. (09) 302-5265

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