[isf-wifidog] Wifidog doesn't read login template!

Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Mar 4 Sep 12:41:21 EDT 2007

I have set up a captive server on my LAN in order to learn about WiFiDog
offline, without affecting our online server at auth.monteregiesansfil.org.

WiFiDog is running just fine, under Ubuntu Server 7.04. I have changeset

I tried to edit the login.tpl template in


in order to move the "create a free account" off to the right of the page.
The edits are retained, but the page does not display the changes. For
example, I changed "Login or signup here" to "Members login here" - but the
original text still displays.

Working with our sysadmin, Wadih Maalouf, we did a few tests. I renamed the
login.tpl file to login5.tpl, but no error is thrown on the login page.
Renaming the index.tpl file caused smarty resource errors as expected, and
text edits of the index.tpl file are displayed as they should be.
This suggested that the login.tpl file was not being read.

Wadih took a look at the /login/login.php file, and found that the HTML of
the login page is hard-coded in there (line 249 et seq.), and that the
login.tpl is indeed not being read!

So, my question is, why is the login page HTML hard coded inside
/login/index.php instead of being read from the template? Is this a bug, or
a feature? :-)

- Jeff
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