[isf-wifidog] Questions regarding WiFiDog

Eduardo Bejar wonka at linkabu.net
Jeu 18 Oct 20:58:41 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I´m testing wifidog svn 1247 and wifidog-auth svn 1301 on a linux server,
and would like to ask you the following config questions:

1) How can I make wifidog redirect an authenticated user to the original URL
he was requesting? Currently the user opens the browser and gets the login
screen. He logs and he is redirected to the portal. How to redirect him to
the URL he wrote in the first place at the browser URL bar?

2) Is it possible to create user profiles in order to make, for example,
that certain users can only log for limited time and others log for
unlimited time? If so, how? 

3) Has anyone experience with adding users directly to the database from a
custom admin page? Which fields should be included?

4) Is it possible to authenticate users only by user/password and not by MAC
addresses? When using NAT routers, wifidog sees only one MAC address, so if
one laptop authenticates, then the others get authenticated because all use
the same MAC address.
Thank you in advance for your ideas.



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