[isf-wifidog] Wifidog question

Raul Lapaz raul.lapaz at multipistas.com
Ven 30 Nov 12:08:08 EST 2007

Hello all,


I have setup wifidog on Debian 4. The problem is as follows:


When clicking on login with an already created user I receive:


ExecSqlUniqueRes() : An error occured while executing the following SQL
query :
SELECT CASE WHEN ((NOW() - reg_date) > interval
networks.validation_grace_time) THEN true ELSE false END AS
validation_grace_time_expired, networks.validation_grace_time FROM users
JOIN networks ON (users.account_origin = networks.network_id) WHERE

Error message : 
ERROR: syntax error at or near "networks" at character 49

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output
started at /var/www/apache2-default/classes/AbstractDbPostgres.php:221) in
/var/www/apache2-default/login/index.php on line 112


When doing other things, like the redirected first page

I receive:


Warning in /classes/Locale.php : Unable to setlocale() to fr, return value:
, current locale: C
Fatal error: Cannot call private Content::__construct() in
/var/www/apache2-default/classes/Content/File.php on line 44


I cannot create or modify the content.


Please feel free to ask for logs or config files.


Help will be appreciate.




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