[isf-wifidog] Motorola WR850G - Still at it

Don Druce dondruce at sympatico.ca
Lun 26 Nov 19:14:20 EST 2007

I have a Motorol WR850G which is presently flashed with

Firmware       OpenWrt White Russian - With X-Wrt Extensions RC5
Kernel   Linux 2.4.30 #1 Sun Mar 26 19:02:04 CEST 2006
MAC   00:0C:E5:4B:91:A8  
Device   unidentified
Board   Broadcom BCM947XX
Username   not logged in

Web mgt. console   Webif2
Version  r2761  

I cannot get on line with this configuration, and it will not work via 
its Wifidog flashing.

As reported a few times before, I cannot get it to work.  I decided to 
redo a Firmware Upgrade to see if that would help.

My process from OpenWrt  - System - Upgrade is:

Turn 'boot wit' ON:  Which I check
Erase JFFS2 partition: Which I check
Firmware Image: I have tried all the Images that I can find, and none work.

I have spent more time trying to get this to work than I care to 
mention.  Perhaps it is a setting in X-Wrt  which is wrong.  Can someone 
suggest an Image and its location that might work for this router.  Or 
an alternate solution that would allow me to recover it.

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