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Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Lun 5 Nov 10:30:50 EST 2007

Sorry, I got the wrong admin tool!!! I have been working with MySQL for the last few days! you really need PGadmin http://www.pgadmin.org/download/debian.php <http://www.pgadmin.org/download/debian.php> 
I can send you the new install script if you want, it may be easier???


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To: Robin Jones
Subject: My problem

Thanks Robin

I am new to this, so what is simple to the experienced  is often complex
to me.

I am running on Debian 4.0.  If I did an apt-get phpmyadmin whould that
get it into my system - or is it in another package, or even in a package ?

I will  try to download it to my Linux box directly as a learning
experience, but I would hate to blow the server and have to start all over.

Many thanks for the reply

Robin Jones wrote:
> Admin passwords are stored in the database...
> I have just sent bernoit a patch for the install script that amongst other things, will allow you to add more than one administrator. you could use this if it is implemented, or use a tool like phpmyadmin to edit the correct table.
> either way it is quite simple to do...
> Hope this helps.
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> I am still trying to get this going.  If the location of the password itself is unknown, does anyone know the file name where it is stored.   I have another auth-server (working) and I think I might be able to copy the file from the working system to the problem system - is that possible.
> Another choice, is there anyway I can rerun install.php and have it create another admin that I could use?
> I manage to create new users, but the email never arrive!
> Previous message below
> I recently created a captive server using change set 1304 - for training
> and lerning.  Things worked fine for a week or so.  I had yet to create
> any users other than admin, the FCKeditor had yet to be installed and
> the outgoing email service is/was not working.
> In trying to logon today, the password saved by windows for this account
> suddenly refused to work.   I tried typing it in - I had recorded it on
> paper, and that did not work either, so it is not a typing error, and
> the system had been inputting it successfully  for a week or so.
> Can anyone direct me to where the admin password is stored, and how to
> correct my problem.  I assume that a new password can be input directly
> - I can talk to the server via putty without any problem.
> I tried rerunning the install.php, and everything seems to work ok there.
> Don

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