[isf-wifidog] Does wifidog support my requested features?

mbneto mbneto at gmail.com
Sam 26 Mai 07:42:07 EDT 2007


I need a captive portal solution with the following features:
a) linux based AP (openwrt or regular pc with linux)
b) support for wired and wireless clients (both getting the IP from the dhcp
server of the AP)
c) support for bandwidth control (interfacing with tc). The speed would be
associated with the login account
d) support for custom iptables rules.  Even after the user has authenticated
there are some rules that I need to be applied
e) authentication server based on radius or with support for a interface to
add/remove users

After some searches I found some alternatives : chilispot, wifidog and

Regarding wifidog I already found the .ipk and rpm (dag.wieers) so question
a) seems OK.  I am not sure about the rest so any tips or documentation urls
would be great.

If you know of any other solution free or commercial please email me

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