[isf-wifidog] PGSql vacuum

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Jeu 17 Mai 14:17:49 EDT 2007

My setup is mostly complete, but I have a few questions that aren't
answered as far as I can tell.

I obviously don't want to have PGSql drop over from failing to vacuum
the db.

However, the newer versions of PGSql seem to have an option to

What's the "right" way to handle this. (I know, it's not really a
wifidog problem, but I'm also looking to do a full walk-thru doc setup
for FC6/OpenWRT - so someone can repeat what I've accomplished - so
it's arguably related!)



PS. Thanks Pascal - your suggestion worked great!

Now if I can just get Radius to enforce time based logins. (I'm
attempting to limit logons during certain hours, but it appears as
though radius lets them login anyway. I still have testing to do, but
if anyone has tips on Radius and "login-time" attributes, please speak

Thanks again all - both for excellent support and for the dev of the
product. Like I said, I'm going to pay my dues with some docs.

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