[isf-wifidog] A Nocatsplash replacement based on Wifidog

Paul Kube nodogsplash at kokoro.ucsd.edu
Ven 11 Mai 19:48:53 EDT 2007

Salut mes amis,

Because a number of people were wanting something like it (me 
included), I have written a Nocatsplash-like hotspot controller, but 
derived from the Wifidog codebase.

Source (GPL of course) and some documentation available at 

The result is something much simpler and different than Wifidog, so I 
am afraid there may not be much to contribute to the Wifidog project 
itself.  (Maybe there are some useful improvements to config file 
parsing in conf.c.)  But I wanted to let you know that I have done 
this project based in large part on your work, which I admire and 
appreciate very much, and I am grateful for that.



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