[isf-wifidog] MAC address banning

Alexis Cornellier alexis.cornellier at gmail.com
Ven 23 Mar 10:03:27 EDT 2007

I think it's possible, Philippe April who was with isf before cut  
some abuser by there mac adress. The problem is that it's temporary,  
with near 35000 user on the network, we can't micromanage the abuser.  
So the developper think of 2 solution. The first one is to stop the  
wireless signal when the place is close, that way, nobody will log  
between the opening hours. The second is some kind of QOS. The  
problem with the actual QOS system implemented in the router is that  
is not suitable for us. Benoit Grégoire could explain more about it  
on this list. The main problem i see in montreal is that if someone  
on the network is using some kind of peer 2 peer, i assume that the  
huge amount of connection make the router unable to provide anyone  
else with some bandwith.

If someone want to develop something ISF will be glad to use it. For  
questionning, Benoit Grégoire is way more aware of the problem than i  


Le 23-Mar-07 à 5:30 AM, Chris Rowson a écrit :

> Hey there,
> As some of you may remember, I'm using WiFiDog to provide free
> internet to people in libraries.
> We occasionally get a situation where a user abuses the system, and
> uses it as an ISP to the detriment of other users, connecting for a
> day at a time etc....
> We can deny the user access by username, but is it possible to ban the
> MAC address from connecting, so that the user doesn't just re-register
> and leach bandwidth again?
> Thanks
> Chris
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