[isf-wifidog] Generate/Import Users

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at site38.ping.at
Mer 7 Mar 05:25:38 EST 2007


First of thanks for a great product.

We want to use wifidog as a standalone server for the university campus, 
and I was wondering if there is a way to autocreate the correct encryption 
for the passwords needed in the NoCat passwd file. 

Or is there another way to import existing users, that I may have missed?

What I would like to do, is to simply create a "NoCat" passwd, which can 
be imported into  WifiDog, and I don't know what "format" the password 
field has to be in ( I assume it is not plaintext! ;) )

Thanks for any help in advance, 


PS: I am running CentOS, so any pointers to perl, php or whatever scripts 
to automate this are most welcome. 


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