[isf-wifidog] Is Wifidog for me?

karl wettin karl.wettin at gmail.com
Ven 29 Juin 13:02:41 EDT 2007

Grettings list.

I'm setting up a hotspot WLAN using multiple OpenWRT routers. I would  
very much appreciate your thoughts and comments on my needs.

At this time I want to use MAC-address as authentification and will  
not be requiring a secure net logon scheme. The most important factor  
is that one should be able to connect with any computer without  
having to do anything but selecting the right SSID.

Captive portal for non-registred MAC:s. Optimally there was a feature  
that just forwarded the request to any httpd (including the one in  
the router) as a POST with meta data about the client as long the  
state is preauth, set to auth with a http POST back to the router.

Are any of these things something Wifidog can help me with? Or are  
there perhaps some other project? I don't mind hacking some code.

I also have some questions that probably is better asked in some  
network throughput forum, but I thought people here might be familiar  
with the pattern.

Registred users should be QoS prioritized in at least three levels.

Non registred users should be prioritized in a level below all  
registred users, restricted to a few kilobytes per second after  
transmitting more than a certain amount of data, resetted by a  
nightly cronjob or so.

Now I'm not certain how much CPU it takes to see how much someone is  
transfering, but I'm OK with running it as a cronjob every 10 minutes  
or so if that help.

Are there any tools that can help me to automate this a bit, or do I  
need to code that mechanism? I relalize it is mostly setting up  
shaping rules and what not in config files.

I'm still not sure on the network design. It will probably start as  
4-5 WDS wrts and one that handle them all. If this is too much for  
the poor CPU I might have to figure out a way to run this stuff  
distributed on the wrts. Open for suggestions.

All comments appreciated.


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