[isf-wifidog] Sharing printer once connected

Christian Svensson blue at cmd.nu
Ven 22 Juin 17:07:31 EDT 2007


I'm guessing that you are refering to the wifidog-auth as server and
wifidog (gateway) as client?

As long as the printer is shared properly when the WiFiDog-gateway
isn't running, this shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't have
any firewall blocks in your wifidog.conf. WiFiDog mearly adds an -j
ACCEPT to clients that login AFAIK.

So, does it work without WiFiDog?


On 6/22/07, Steven McElrea <steven.mcelrea at bermex.ca> wrote:
> Attemped number at using this mailing list.. i'm such a noob at this
> stuff...
> Sorry if the first one worked..
> Anyway, here's my situation then I'll explain my problem/request I have
> Wifidog client and server running on a GNU/Linux (ubuntu). All is well, it
> works great. What I'm trying to do is give access to a shared printer on my
> linux box. I have CUPS installed, and SAMBA. And that also works fine as
> well. Which comes to my problem. I need to have access to that printer
> once I'm connected to wifidog...
> Anyway suggestions? Or is it even possible?
> Thanks,
> Steven
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