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Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Ven 15 Juin 20:32:49 EDT 2007

Hi all,


I have been interested in WiFiDog for quite a while but at the moment it is not quite to the stage of development I need it to be... I am currently using PublicIP (which is based on WiFiDog with a custom Auth Server) but am not happy that I am not in full control of the Auth Server and cannot push for features that I need.


As such I would like to become more active with your community and help get WiFiDog to a point where I can use It to offer my customers the best solution for them!!!



This is the first thing I would like to help with (it is already a feature suggestion for Auth Server 2.0), and with a little help, I will try to implement it based on the feedback I receive!



As I see it there are three ways to add open and closed times to WiFiDog.


1)     Add rules to cron on the node through a php interface (also held on the node) So that if the gateway receives a request during certain times it changes the redirect from the auth server to a page held on the node stating the open times.




2)     Add rules to a file on the Auth Server through a PHP interface. When the login request is received by the Auth Server, it checks the current time vs the time rules in the file. If the rule is broken, it redirects the client to a page stating the hotspot is closed and the open times of the hotspot. Heart beats should also be ceased when the rule is broken to force user logout.




3)     Add rules to a file on the Auth Server through a PHP interface. The auth server continually checks the time and when it is out of scope The portal page changes so that the login form is removed and replaced with the open times. Again the heartbeat will stop so the existing users are forcefully removed.


Some more considerations would be a white list for super users or a secret login page??? 


What do you guys think, and would you do it differently?


Robin Jones

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