[isf-wifidog] Fwd: Does anyone know, or can you direct me to the source.

Gabe Sawhney gabe at pwd.ca
Sam 2 Juin 12:51:26 EDT 2007

If the only reason you're splitting up the networks is in order to have
separate content on each (and perhaps in the future, separate support
people), I don't think it's a good idea.  From a user's perspective, it'd be
a little annoying because they'd need (I think) to create a separate account
on each of the networks.  And by default wifidog won't display a Google map
of all networks' hotspots, just one network at a time.

If you're thinking of having an entirely different (visual design) template
for each network, then you might want to consider it, but otherwise, I'd say
use the existing wifidog content management tools for handling different
"groups"/"sub-networks" of content, and/or build new features to simplify
managing the content.

Even if you do want a separate visual design for each, you could probably
add that feature using a few php tweaks, without losing the advantages of
running a single server.


On 6/2/07, Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are setting up a new regional wireless network based on WiFiDog, in the
> Montérégie region of Québec.
> (See http://www.monteregiesansfil.org)
> In fact, we are sharing a single physical server with Centre du Québec
> Sans Fil (*http://*www.centreduquebecsansfil.org), who have created two
> virtual hosts on our shared machine.
> Because of the large geographical size of the region, we would like to
> split our coverage  of Montérégie into a number of WiFiDog networks in our
> virtual machine. This will allow us to create sub-region-specific content on
> the login and portal pages for the sub-regions - for example, a Longueuil
> network, a Brossard network, a Granby network, and so on. Each sub-region
> could eventually have its own support staff of volunteers. All runing on our
> half of a single physical server.
> Is this do-able? What are the theoretical and practical limits on the
> number of networks that can run on a single WiFiDog installation?
> Any opinions, experience or advice would be appreciated.
> - Jeff Schallenberg
> Montérégie Sans Fil
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> From: Don Druce <dondruce at sympatico.ca>
> Date: Jun 2, 2007 8:22 AM
> Subject: Does anyone know, or can you direct me to the source.
> To: Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com>, "RIB Quintal,
> Raymond" < quintalraymond at videotron.ca>, OG Ottawa-Gatineau WiFi <
> ogwifi at list.flora.ca>, CIL Fernand Laurin < fern.laurin at videotron.ca>
> I would like to know how many Networks you can create on a Wifidog server.
> I would also like any references to information relating to this subject
> - so far I have not been very successful in my research.  Any examples
> of locations using more than 2 Networks would be much appreciated.
> --
> - Jeff
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