[isf-wifidog] Fwd: Does anyone know, or can you direct me to the source.

Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Sam 2 Juin 12:10:16 EDT 2007

We are setting up a new regional wireless network based on WiFiDog, in the
Montérégie region of Québec.

(See http://www.monteregiesansfil.org)

In fact, we are sharing a single physical server with Centre du Québec Sans
Fil (*http://*www.centreduquebecsansfil.org), who have created two virtual
hosts on our shared machine.

Because of the large geographical size of the region, we would like to split
our coverage  of Montérégie into a number of WiFiDog networks in our virtual
machine. This will allow us to create sub-region-specific content on the
login and portal pages for the sub-regions - for example, a Longueuil
network, a Brossard network, a Granby network, and so on. Each sub-region
could eventually have its own support staff of volunteers. All runing on our
half of a single physical server.

Is this do-able? What are the theoretical and practical limits on the number
of networks that can run on a single WiFiDog installation?

Any opinions, experience or advice would be appreciated.

- Jeff Schallenberg
Montérégie Sans Fil

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From: Don Druce <dondruce at sympatico.ca>
Date: Jun 2, 2007 8:22 AM
Subject: Does anyone know, or can you direct me to the source.
To: Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com>, "RIB Quintal, Raymond"
<quintalraymond at videotron.ca>, OG Ottawa-Gatineau WiFi <ogwifi at list.flora.ca>,
CIL Fernand Laurin <fern.laurin at videotron.ca>

I would like to know how many Networks you can create on a Wifidog server.

I would also like any references to information relating to this subject
- so far I have not been very successful in my research.  Any examples
of locations using more than 2 Networks would be much appreciated.

- Jeff
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