[isf-wifidog] Host setting in Database access configuration.

Don Druce dondruce at sympatico.ca
Mar 24 Juil 10:35:41 EDT 2007

This is being sent not as a total response, (I will not send that) but 
to simply close out the thread.  And to respond to a few  points.
/*"But how were we supposed to guess you were working on documentation?  
didn't announce it before.  Nor did you put any of your in-progress work on
the wiki so we could colaborate with you." */

No need to guess, see my post dated  07/21/07 09:04:16  Ticket #349
Nothing was posted on the wiki because I was looking for information in 
order to get to the final draft version.  The question posed was 
involved in the explanations being added in my final draft.  Ticket #349 
was also involved.

I was working on http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/debian/auth-server

I have been overruled, that is OK, but according to my definition, I 
considered it a Bug otherwise I would not have posted the Ticket.  I 
don't think that the screen does what it says it will do.  _*By clicking 
Next, your configuration will be automatically saved  - *_ that is what 
I expected to happen [that my configuration would be automatically 
saved] and that did not happen, I got an error screen.  I found no 
explanation of its function elsewhere, so I asked.  I did not find the 
screen that appeared to be self explanatory.

I looked that up on Google

A concept is said to be self explanatory if it is written in a such way 
that explains the concept itself: no explanation is required except 
looking at what is meant to be self explanatory.

according to my writing standards, the screen does not meet that 
requirement so I did not consider it to be self explanatory.  Obviously 
I was wrong.

Benoit Grégoire wrote:
> On Monday 23 July 2007, Don Druce wrote:
>> "Why are you trying to change the database host in the first place?"
>> The reasons is because I was in the process of trying to rewrite and
>> hopefully improve some of the documentation associated with wifidog.  We
>> are a startup group. I spent several years in technical writing, and one of
>> the first things that I learned was to only write about things that you
>> undersand otherwise you confuse yourself and others.
>> I have spend more than enough hours writing and rewriting some of the
>> documents that I thought were worthwhile spending time on.  
> Relax, we certainly need help with documentation.  Especially from people 
> approaching the system for the first time.  We also need help with the 
> install script which currently doesn't have a maintainer.
> But how were we supposed to guess you were working on documentation?  You 
> didn't announce it before.  Nor did you put any of your in-progress work on 
> the wiki so we could colaborate with you.  
>> Obviously the 
>> documents are self explanatory so the trouble understanding must be at my
>> end.  I will pass the message to our group.
>> I apologize for posting such a stupid question on the board.  I still do
>> not understand, but I guess that only proves the response.
> Oh please.  We assumed that when you opened a ticket as a "Bug report"  you 
> were actually trying to fix an issue with your server or perform specific 
> task, not learn what the database host field is.
> The error message would have been self-explanatory in the context you were 
> trying to change the database host the auth server connects to.  Which you 
> weren't.  That doesn't make you stupid.  
> But I didn't deserve such a reaction trying my best to help you debug an issue 
> you didn't have in the first place.  Nor did I deserve threats of creating a 
> diplomnatic incident with MSF.
> While I still don't understand why you are taking any of this personnally, 
> just posting "What does the host parameter do on the database configuration 
> page do?" on the mailing list or IRC would probably have been a lot less 
> consuming for you, and have resulted in a much more usefull response for you.  
>> Is thee a way that I can withdraw the Trouble Tickets that I posted?
> No

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