[isf-wifidog] Host setting in Database access configuration.

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Lun 23 Juil 18:46:55 EDT 2007

On Monday 23 July 2007, Don Druce wrote:
> "Why are you trying to change the database host in the first place?"
> The reasons is because I was in the process of trying to rewrite and
> hopefully improve some of the documentation associated with wifidog.  We
> are a startup group. I spent several years in technical writing, and one of
> the first things that I learned was to only write about things that you
> undersand otherwise you confuse yourself and others.
> I have spend more than enough hours writing and rewriting some of the
> documents that I thought were worthwhile spending time on.  

Relax, we certainly need help with documentation.  Especially from people 
approaching the system for the first time.  We also need help with the 
install script which currently doesn't have a maintainer.

But how were we supposed to guess you were working on documentation?  You 
didn't announce it before.  Nor did you put any of your in-progress work on 
the wiki so we could colaborate with you.  

> Obviously the 
> documents are self explanatory so the trouble understanding must be at my
> end.  I will pass the message to our group.
> I apologize for posting such a stupid question on the board.  I still do
> not understand, but I guess that only proves the response.

Oh please.  We assumed that when you opened a ticket as a "Bug report"  you 
were actually trying to fix an issue with your server or perform specific 
task, not learn what the database host field is.

The error message would have been self-explanatory in the context you were 
trying to change the database host the auth server connects to.  Which you 
weren't.  That doesn't make you stupid.  

But I didn't deserve such a reaction trying my best to help you debug an issue 
you didn't have in the first place.  Nor did I deserve threats of creating a 
diplomnatic incident with MSF.

While I still don't understand why you are taking any of this personnally, 
just posting "What does the host parameter do on the database configuration 
page do?" on the mailing list or IRC would probably have been a lot less 
consuming for you, and have resulted in a much more usefull response for you.  

> Is thee a way that I can withdraw the Trouble Tickets that I posted?


Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.
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