[isf-wifidog] Massive changes in the auth server, now you can help.

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Jeu 12 Juil 17:28:29 EDT 2007

At long last I've synced my main development environment, which reached the 
point where other developers can really help.  It's not 100% complete, but it 
pretty much unlocks every ticket that was blocked by the roles and permission 
architecture (as well as unexpectedly unlocking several other ones).  These 
are massive internal changes and a great many classes have been significantly 
refactored.  Please test and help me replace all the deprecated security 
calls, add calls here there were none, and make it more granular.  Max, 
François, you promised ;)

As always, UI tweaks are also most welcome.

As for me, after six months on this, I'm going to focus on closing various 
other tickets...

2007-06-12  Benoit Grégoire  <bock at step.polymtl.ca>
	-This is a behemoth "the road to 1.0"  commit.  I've been working on this for 
6 months, 
	and it's reached the point where others can help.  Those are very far 
reaching changes, please
	notify me if anything isn't working right (and im sure I can't have caught 
    * Completely revamp exception handling, all exceptions are now trapped and 
handled centrally.
    * Major changes in the login process to allow repeating a request after a 
time out or missing permission exception.
    * New user roles architecture,  as described in 
 	Mostly complete.  Missing parts are Content stakeholders, system roles 
and "su" functionnality. 
 	I need help replacing all the DEPRECATED* methods.  Please read the wiki 
page above for instructions.
	* generic_object_admin.php:  More work towards making it generic once again.
	* GenericDataObject:  New class.  Eventually, most classes should extend 
this, instead of directly implementing GenericObject
	* Menu.php:  Finally a uniform Menuing system to replace the mismatch of 
links that made wifidog 
	impossible to navigate.  It's not very sophisticated yet, but it IS 
permission aware
	Loosely inspired from Drupal's menuing system.  HTML is slightly 
modified "Son of suckerfish", 
	so will be easy to style (althouh I haven't had time yet).
	Actual menus are added in the hook_menu methods of each class.
	* VirtualHost.php:  Finally properly split off Virtual Hosts, and make Server 
a singleton.
	* install.php:  Do the bare minimum changes so it's still possible to setup a 
wifidog auth server.
	However, install.php still needs 1- A good overhaull, 2- A way to install 
sample databases instead of the minimal one.
	-Other changes
    * Unbreak signup link for non-javascript enabled devices
	* FlickrPhotostream:  Check CURL, which is a mandatory dependency of Flickr
    * AbstractDb:  Improve debuging features
    * *:getObject():  Hopefully improve performance of class caching by making 
    that we do not manipulate different objects.  Otherwise copies would be 
generated as soon as we change properties, wasting much memory.
	* Add dependency check for XSL module for hotspot_status.php.
	* Some work towards respecting the coding style: 
	* wifidog/admin/index.php:  Delete admin page.  There is no longuer a concept 
of a separate admin section.  Menu will depend on your access level.

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