[isf-wifidog] connection refused for all requests from client

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mer 4 Juil 17:46:52 EDT 2007

On 4 July 2007, Ken Chase wrote:
> Additionally, in wifidog.conf i had left the defaults for the authserver
> in place, which is SSL yes, while having only followed the auth
> instructions for setting documentRoot in apache2 to point at wifidog-auth,
> and not having setup an SSL host (perhaps the default config file should be
> notated or changed to have SSL no, and a note to indicate that an https
> website needs to be setup).

Note that turning SSL support off means all your user's usename and passwords 
will be sent IN THE CLEAR and OVER WIFI. 

Since most people just reuse the same usernames and passwords over and over, 
saying that this is bad except for development is somewhat of an 
understatement!  So, the default is unlikely to change.

However, if you were confused by the default, by all means clarify the 
documentation on the wiki so others can benefit.  It can be edited by anyone.

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