[isf-wifidog] connection refused for all requests from client

Ken Chase m-wifidog at sizone.org
Mer 4 Juil 16:12:37 EDT 2007

problems solved.

the issue was following the wrong set of instructions on the wiki
which Benoit has removed (after contacting him on irc).

(I was removing the forward rules from S35firewall which shouldnt be

Additionally, in wifidog.conf i had left the defaults for the authserver
in place, which is SSL yes, while having only followed the auth instructions
for setting documentRoot in apache2 to point at wifidog-auth, and not
having setup an SSL host (perhaps the default config file should be
notated or changed to have SSL no, and a note to indicate that an https
website needs to be setup).

Otherwise all is working!

Thanks for the help on irc!

Ken Chase - math at sizone.org Toronto CANADA.

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