[isf-wifidog] Submitting trouble ticked not functioning. - Router quits after power down.

Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Lun 31 Déc 09:53:24 EST 2007

Hi Don,

Dev.wifidog.org is working fine!!! You have posted 3 tickets yesterday
(2 of them are duplicates)

Bernoit answered: I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your
description (exactly what you are unplugging, and what you mean by log
on). However it sounds like you are getting the expected behaviour. If
you shutdown your laptop, wifidog is supposed to end your session. If
you leave your laptop on (and not sleeping) your session should never

I will answer: http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/developer/FlowDiagram. I
beleive the reason for the problem you are having, is because you have
authenticated and started a session on the authentication server and the
node has been informed of this, when you pull the plug on a node, it
will loose the ram of who is allowed through the firewall, thus giving
you a 401 error. When the session finally ends on the auth server (or it
is restarted) the client will be able to reconnect!

Robin Jones.

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Router quits after power down.

Is http://dev.wifidog.org down, I am trying to submit a ticket without 
I will post the problem here in the meantime.  Perhaps someone has an 
I used    (the following is as directed by CQSF - I am with Monteregie 
sans fil and work under their direction)

Kernel Version Linux version 2.4.30 (nbd at ds10) (gcc version 3.4.4 
(OpenWrt-1.0)) #1 Sat Feb 3 13:16:08 CET 2007
Wifidog 1.1.4    (CQSF recommends 1.1.3b2, but I am testing with 1.1.4,)

To flash a Linksys WRT54GL router.   

When I get it working, I can reach the Internet, and it resets properly 
after any idle period, and I can log back on to the Internet.

If I pull the power plug for a few minutes, and then try to come back 
online, I end up with http://www.google.ca/ in the address bar and the 
[page cannot be displayed] page on the screen.

Should I not be redirected to the Green Screen

On another router running Wifidog 1.1.3 this is what happens, and after 
clicking ''click here'' I am back online.

During one test, I turned the computer off for the night, left the 
router on, and the next morning I could log back on.  There also was one

occasion where I could get back on about 50 minutes later, but generally

it will not allow me to get back online.

Associated Questions
Where can I find a good description of the redirect process - that I can


Am I using the proper version of OpenWrt, - what is and how can I find 
the proper version, what is the latest version, where do I get a copy.

Any other comments appreciated.

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