[isf-wifidog] Multiple Gateway Administration

Leandro leandro at texnet.it
Ven 14 Déc 09:49:27 EST 2007

Tim Mitchell ha scritto:
> Hi, (first post on list so greeting all)
> I've a few questions for any who is looking after several gateways.
> What's the best way to administer multiple gateways with out going on
> site?
> I'm currently using ssh but am looking at OpenVPN. Any better ideas or
> pitfalls I should look out for?

SSH can be impossibile to use when the gateway is behind a NAT and there
is no DNAT rules. An OpenVPN setup will solve this issue.
> How do you keep an eye on usage?

Nagios will be your friend.
> As all our access points are open it'd be easy enough for anyone to
> connect another access point in client mode and run a separate network.

Not so easy. A common access point is a bridge, so each client need to
authenticate even if connected to a peer access point.
> I've blocked port 25 so hopefully this will help to stop any gateways
> being used to send spam. However this won't help if there are any open
> relays listening on a port other than 25.

I don't understand your problem. Please explain better.

> All the gateways use OpenDNS which gives an 8 day log of DNS requests.
> Helpful but not complete. 
> Any ideas, thoughts appreciated
> Thanks
> Tim
> auth.u2com.net
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