[isf-wifidog] Question about using "commercially"

Adam Evers coolbeansdude51 at gmail.com
Lun 3 Déc 00:01:30 EST 2007

Hey everyone!

First off I freakin love wifidog.  Its an amazing peice of software that I
can only imagine how long it took the developers to write.


I am wondering if anyone has any luck with rolling the gateway WRT54GL with
wifidog out commercially.

I am thinking of starting a hotspot service up and I am wondering if you
could share some insight into the business and software.  What was the
hardest part for you?  What should I stay away from?

Here is the idea.

A restaurant places our hotspot (WRT54GL with wifidog installed and
configured) they provide the internet and we handle the authentication.

Thanks for the help and knowledge!

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