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A project of financial partnership enters the Town of Montreal and the Île organization without wire makes its way in the corridors of the town hall. The objective: to paper the public parks and places montréalais of 400 new free points of access to the Internet without wire (WiFi).



According to a document obtained yesterday by the Press, the partnership considered, one five years duration, envisages the payment of 200 000 $ per year in Île without wire, a non-profit institution which currently manages some 150 free access points WiFi in coffees and trade. They are used by more than 50 000 members, who can make use of it to connect free their portable computer with the Web, but also to connect all kinds of apparatuses, like cellular telephones able to make telephony by the Internet. 


In Montreal, tens of coffees offer similar services via private suppliers who invoice a time tariff more or month raised for connection without wire. 


In the case of Island without wire, where connection is always free, they are the voluntary ones which installs the access points and which ensure maintenance of it. The owner the commercial where the access point is installed, has to him only to provide the band-width (connection to Internet high speed) and a contribution symbolic system of 50 $ per year. 


New the 400 access points resulting from a possible partnership with the Town of Montreal would function appreciably according to the same model. 


"17 large parks, like the park Maisonneuve, the park of Mount-Royal, the park of the Cape-Saint-Jacques, and other public places where there is much circulation, like the Esplanade of the Place of Arts, would be connected permanently thanks to the project", affirmed Martin Lefebvre, head of the division of the relations with the citizens at the Town of Montreal, at the time of a first public presentation of the project in front of the council of agglomeration. 


The project was not submitted yet to the executive committee of the Town of Montreal, which will or not have the last word on its realization. 


At the time of the presentation, two representatives of Bell Canada, come as observers, took tight notes. They refused any comment.


A little everywhere in the world, of the similar projects of development of WiFi networks are in hand in the great urban centres. Some, like that planned by Philadelphia, which invested million in infrastructures, know important failures in the financial scheme. The large companies of telecommunications, which wish to bore the market of public WiFi, pain to find there their account considering the importance of the investments necessary and the weak price which the users are ready to spend. 


Toronto also developed a gigantic network WiFi paramunicipal with the downtown area, but the services cost up to 30 $ per month the users. 


The Town of Paris as for it recently set up a network of 400 free access points. The development of the network cost the City of Light 2 million euros, plus 500 000 euros per year in maintenance. 


The technological model created by Island without wire, provided free at several non-profit institutions throughout the world, until now appeared considerably less expensive. The town of Sherbrooke, which was useful of the Île platform without wire, has just set up 150 free access points in public places. The municipality provided 70 000 $, which were mainly used to install the hotspots in parks "To make function WiFi in the park is certainly what is most expensive under development", affirms Bruno Lacasse, person in charge for the project. 


According to Mr. Lacasse, after the success known by Sherbrooke, if the project of Island without wire were to function in Montreal, it could quickly make ball of snow elsewhere in Canada.


Courtesy of http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr 


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