[isf-wifidog] HELP! Install.php - can't login as postgres :-(

Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Jeu 30 Aou 10:19:53 EDT 2007

I am trying to install the auth server under Ubuntu 7.04

All goes well until the very first step of install.php:

1-Make sure you created a valid user and database.

If you haven't, here is a command line example for PostgreSQL (or use the
way you like) :
*Create the PostgreSQL databaser user for WifiDog* (createuser and createdb
need to be in you PATH) :

  *postgres at yourserver $>* createuser wifidog --pwprompt
  Enter password for new user:
  Enter it again:
  Shall the new user be allowed to create databases? (y/n) n
  Shall the new user be allowed to create more new users? (y/n) n

How do I login as postgres at jeffserver?

I tried: (using my usual password for user "jeff:)

 jeff at jeffserver:~$ su - postgres
su: Authentication failure
jeff at jeffserver:~$

So, user postgres was apparently created by the installation of
postgresql-8.1, but the unknown password is keeping me locked out from
creating the wifidog user and database.

Please help!

- Jeff
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