[isf-wifidog] I have a router that is being tempremental.

Don Druce dondruce at sympatico.ca
Mar 28 Aou 14:43:04 EDT 2007

Router Linksys WRT54  works at times, but when it does not want to, it 
acts like a mule and just does nothing.
I managed to coax it into telling me about its problems, can anyone help 
me diagnose this.  It is a bit beyond me.

This is on my LAN and was working with my Captive Server. (when it 
wanted to)

root at CS-Linksys-G-X-WRT:~# wifidog-init status
WiFiDog status

Version: 1.1.3_rc1
Uptime: 0d 0h 8m 20s
Has been restarted: no
Internet Connectivity: yes
*Auth server reachable: no*
Clients served this session: 0

0 clients connected.

Authentication servers:
  Host: (
root at CS-Linksys-G-X-WRT:~#

Authentication servers:
  Host: (
Starting Wifidog ...
Testing for iptables modules
  Testing ipt_mac
   ipt_mac  module is working
  Testing ipt_mark
   ipt_mark module is working
  Testing ipt_REDIRECT
   ipt_REDIRECT  module is working
*root at CS-Linksys-G-X-WRT:~# iptables: Invalid argument
iptables: Invalid argument
iptables: Invalid argument
[3][Fri Dec 31 19:02:49 1999][1371](centralserver.c:176) Failed to 
connect to any of the auth servers


*Help, comments, leads, ideas etc appreciated.*
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