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Have you checked in the translation file ?

in your installation tree, following a path i've found reading the doc :
wifidog/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/message.* you should have the uncompiled (.po)
and compiled (.mo) version of the translation file. This might be a good
place to start looking. Might be else where but translation file for
translation issues is always a good bet.

Once you've found the file, you can use poedit (maybe there is a Microsoft
Windows counterpart somewhere) to modify the uncompiled version and push a
new .mo version on your server.

Have fun ;-)

Pascal Charest

On 8/22/07, Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com> wrote:
> *BUMP*
> On 8/16/07, Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > If I create the new HTML by editing the login.tpl file, I have not
> > solved the language problem - I want to add a new heading, <h1>Not yet a
> > Member?</h1> in the new division. My big mystification is, where do I put
> > the French equivalent "Pas encore membre?"?
> >
> Update: I have edited the login.tpl file, so now the login page looks like
> this:
> http://auth.monteregiesansfil.org/login/index.php?gw_id=msf-1&gw_address=
> So, I have acheived my objective of separating the login and signup
> buttons, but I am stuck with the revised English headings.
> There are two revised headings:
> "Members login here/Membres se connecter ici"
> and
> "Not yet a member?/Pas encore membre?"
> The English version is in the template file, but where do I put the French
> equivalent?
> I tried administration/server administration/reusable content library/Add
> new content/Langstring, entering the English and French equivalents, but
> that didn't work - the English headings still show on the French login page.
> Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated
> --
> - Jeff
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