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Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Jeu 16 Aou 14:13:23 EDT 2007

I'm still trying to get my head around how to move the "Create a free
account" button to the right.

Back in April, I submitted the following to the list:

"Our first hotspot is in the Centre Communautaire Georges Henri Brossard:

We introduced members of the Réseau Internet Brossard Club Informatique to
the login or signup page last week. A majority of the folks who tried to
subscribe found the screen confusing, mainly because of the closeness of the
two buttons to each other.
I know, 35,000 users in Montréal alone are able to distinguish between the
two buttons...
But, in the interest of stepwise improvement, would you be so kind as to
advise us how the layout of the login or signup page could be modified on
our auth server? Is the layout in a Style Sheet somewhere?
We would like to simply move the signup button to a less central location -
possibly to the right, above the "I'm having difficulties" box - and make it
less prominent than the login form."

To which Benoit replied:
"you want to make your changes in
See wifidog/media/network_theme_packs/README.txt"

In June, Don Druce submitted Trouble Ticket #343 "Users confused by
Login Screen", which says, in part, "The most important part is that
the Registration should be seperated
from the login and both made absolutely clear as to their function."

Well, I've been working on the layout a bit, and so far all I've done is
edit the HTML offline, to see what is possible.

The base stylesheet:

will serve as a guide as I try to edit the stylesheet.css in our msf
themepack. I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) I will have to edit the
template file (login.tpl) in order to modify the HTML. I want to create a
new division <div id="signup">, and move the "Create a free account" button
into it.


If I create the new HTML by editing the login.tpl file, I have not solved
the language problem - I want to add a new heading, <h1>Not yet a
Member?</h1> in the new division. My big mystification is, where do I put
the French equivalent "Pas encore membre?"?
Is the entire French-language page created on-the-fly from the JavaScript
called here:

<form class="language" name="lang_form" method="post"
                <select name="wifidog_language" onchange="javascript:
document.lang_form.submit();"> ?

Or, does the phrase equivalency (Not yet a member?/Pas encore membre?) have
to be added to a LangString somewhere?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


- Jeff
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