[isf-wifidog] Wanted: Type-N/MIMO router capable of WiFiDog installation

Dana Spiegel dana at nycwireless.net
Mar 14 Aou 11:02:37 EDT 2007


This is a good use for a plain router vs. AP+router.

We do this in some of our parks, with WifiDog running on a Soekris  
router with 3 ethernet interfaces. One goes to the WAN, one goes to a  
private wired network, and the third goes to a network of APs. Its  
this last ethernet interface that has WifiDog attached.

You should be able to accomplish this with a lower cost router (sans  
Wi-Fi), and (in your case, put the POS machines on one wired lan port  
without WifiDog, and the N/MIMO router on another lan port with Wifidog.

This way, the cafe can use the N-based AP as the wireless network,  
but still have WifiDog running.

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On Aug 14, 2007, at 10:18 AM, Jeff Schallenberg wrote:

> Michael "Moose" Dinn wrote:
> Why not just turn the DLink into an AP and plug it into the LAN  
> side of the WRT?
> The DIR-655 *is* the wide-open AP for that venue. They even  
> advertise "Free Wireless Internet" on their billboard out front. I  
> plugged our Linksys into the D-Link for testing purposes. The  
> owner's son is primarily concerned with keeping their POS terminals  
> isolated from the Wireless LAN (and also with being able to stream  
> downto his cubby-hole in the basement :-).
> On 8/14/07, michel memeteau < mmemeteau at marseille-wireless.org> wrote:
> Depending on the type of wall etc ... it's a bit surprising that  
> only 219kbps could be achieved with just one floor to  pass , which  
> TW power did you set on the wrt  ? equivalent to 84 mw ?
> I don't know what a TW is, Michel :-) I know you can adjust the  
> transmit power, but as far as I know, that router is at the default  
> level.
> To repeat the question, then - given the demonstrated  superior  
> performance of Type N and MIMO - are there any such routers that  
> support WiFiDog?
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> - Jeff
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