[isf-wifidog] Server Name new location - Do you know where

Don Druce dondruce at sympatico.ca
Lun 6 Aou 08:53:30 EDT 2007


No, I found it totally useless. Without some sort of explanation or some 
documentation it does not help me solve my problem at all.  There are so 
many other problems with the install that "frankly Scarlet, I don't give 
a damn."

When I try to add Google Maps, it points to an error with the Server 
Name, which now no longer exists.  Normally I would have generated a 
Trouble Ticket (since it worked before), but I have no incentive to 
create new Trouble Tickets until I at least see some progress on my 
existing ones.  See the other reporting problem that I identified to the 
group earlier in my emails.  But all of this is CQSF's problem, not mine 
or ours.

As I said in a previous email, I am pretty well stopped in all my 
activities - documentation etc. so my interest is plummeting rather 
quickly.  The sources of information that I was trying to use are 
useless as proven above [shows a lack of interest pretty much] - Wadih 
working on the email problem where I have a ticket open without even a 
hint to the group that he planned to do so.  Did he ever response to 
your email about learning css.  I think not.  Big BUT, we are all 
volunteers, so do not expect too much.

I will assume that all of this is because it is summer, so we will see 
what happens come October or so.


Other comment.  We are the only ones using your Yahoo location.  I know 
that you sent out an email on this, but perhaps a follow up would be in 
order.  I created a whole bunch of topics, so theoretically things 
should more or less sort themselves there.  As you may have noticed, 
other than this one - i.e. a reply,  I have ceased to send emails to the 
group, I will not only post thoughts, progress, ideas etc to Yahoo.  If 
the others do not want to go there, then I will wait until someone comes 
up with a better idea.

Did I miss any Topics that you can think of.  I know we will see the 
need for others later, - and we will have to get others to come on 
board, or abandon the idea. 

Sort of brings back the idea of who knows what, and who knows what 
others know.

Jeff Schallenberg wrote:
> On 8/6/07, *Benoit Grégoire* <bock at step.polymtl.ca 
> <mailto:bock at step.polymtl.ca>> wrote:
>     On Sunday 29 July 2007, Don Druce wrote:
>     > With the new auth-server, I have no idea where to input the Server
>     > Name.  Can anyone help?
>     There is no longer a concept of server name since the server and
>     virtual host
>     objects have been cleanly split.
> Did you find this response helpful?
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> - Jeff
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