[isf-wifidog] Wifidog firewall rules for IP Forwarding

Stan Weddington stan1 at plantasia.net
Ven 3 Aou 11:24:03 EDT 2007


I am using a wifidog gateway to feed a WiFi mesh network for an
apartment complex.  I have added IP Forwarding rules via iptables
after the starting of the wifidog daemon to allow access to the mesh
radios.  The forwarding rules only work for an external (to the mesh
network) machine which has been authenticated through a wifidog
gateway node.  It does not seem to matter that the gateway node IS NOT
on the same network or wifidog system, as I have been able to connect
via forwarding to the internal radios from more than one wifidog setup
running currently.

I would like to just modify the wifidog firewall ruleset to allow the
IP Forwarding, and eliminate the added mess.  What is needed is for
any internet machine to have the ability to connect to the gateway via
"https://gatewayURL:port", and have that forwarded based on "port" to
a static IPaddress:443 within the mesh network.

I am too green at iptables and firewalls to think I could figure this
out on my own in a timely manner, so I request the help of any and

Thanks.... Stan

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