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Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Mar 24 Avr 13:16:58 EDT 2007

I am one of a small group of old farts who are in the process of becoming
the newest Île Sans Fil clone. Check out our vast network of hotspots here:


Well, not so vast - more like half-vast :-)

We are Montérégie Sans Fil, and, in order to get up and running quickly and
cheaply, we are piggybacking on Normand Robert's Centre du Québec Sans Fil
server as a second network.

(Our tech-support guy, Wadih Maalouf, has posted a question on this list
about a month ago concerning how to set up a second *server* rather than a
second network.)

Our first hotspot is in the Centre Communautaire Georges Henri Brossard (

We introduced members of the Réseau Internet Brossard Club Informatique to
the login or signup page last week. A majority of the folks who tried to
subscribe found the screen confusing, mainly because of the closeness of the
two buttons to each other.

I know, 35,000 users in Montréal alone are able to distinguish between the
two buttons...

But, in the interest of stepwise improvement, would you be so kind as to
advise us how the layout of the login or signup page could be modified on
our auth server? Is the layout in a Style Sheet somewhere?

We would like to simply move the signup button to a less central location -
possibly to the right, above the "I'm having difficulties" box - and make it
less prominent than the login form.

If the information is covered in your documentation, please just point me to
it. I spent the last 45 minutes in there trying to find it :-)
- Jeff
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