[isf-wifidog] Connection to Auth_server

CASTANHEIRA, Nuno Osvaldo nocastanheira at refertelecom.pt
Mer 27 Sep 06:48:53 EDT 2006

Sorry for my english, but i try do the best.
I have finihed the instalation of the wifidog-gateway, made some tests without the auth_server and it worked fine.
After that i have installed my auth_server.
The gateway can´t connect to the auth_server, from the gateway i can reach the auth_server (tested with ping), but when i run (wifidog -f -d 7) command i get this error:
[7][Wed Sep 27 11:53:49 2006][20078](centralserver.c:254) Level 1: Marking auth server [My_Auth_server] as bad and trying next if possible
[7][Wed Sep 27 11:53:49 2006][20078](centralserver.c:210) Level 2: Calculated 1 auth servers in list
[7][Wed Sep 27 11:53:49 2006][20078](centralserver.c:170) Unlocking config
[7][Wed Sep 27 11:53:49 2006][20078](centralserver.c:170) Config unlocked
[3][Wed Sep 27 11:53:49 2006][20078](centralserver.c:173) Failed to connect to any of the auth servers
Can anyone Help.
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