[isf-wifidog] Autoregistering nodes on the auth server

Ludovic Toinel prospere at nantes-wireless.org
Mar 26 Sep 15:21:34 EDT 2006


I modified the Wifidog Auth Server and the Wifidog Gateway for 
auto-registering new nodes.

It is based on a new parameter "Proprietary" in the wifidog.conf. When a 
ping is send, this parameter is send and the auth server check if the 
node is registered.
If the node is'nt registered, the ping.php add automatically the node 
inside the database and link the proprietary account to the node if the 
proprietary account exists.

It's avoid for the admin to link Nodes and Accounts manually. And it's 
avoid also a big frustation from the new nodes proprietaries which need 
to wait a response from the admin to administrate their new nodes.

*Wifidog Gateway :

*The patch for Wifidog Gateway is available here : 
Modified sources (#1102): http://dev.geeek.org/openwrt/wifidog/
IPKG is available here (works on Freifunk) : 

*Wifidog Auth Serveur :

*My modifications on the auth server.*


Ludovic Toinel

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