[isf-wifidog] install.php hang?

Rajendra Jagad rjagad at gmail.com
Jeu 21 Sep 17:02:06 EDT 2006

Hi Guy

I thought I be able to help because I had same problem.
FC5 has list option on add Remove software you need to install all PHP
packages and pgsql packages.

The issue is Pgsql must be run as by Postgres user root or other user does
not have same access rights.

Check is postmaster is running. have 5 PID name postmaster owned by Postgres
running you must also have PID httpd runing(apache) . only the
install.phpscript works.



On 9/21/06, Kenneth Craft <kenny at craftbros.com> wrote:
> I had the same issue when I first installed.
> Look for permission information on your Postgres user. Also set debug
> options on (I'd love to tell you how I did it, but its been so long I
> forgot). The ultimate solution was fixing permissions on the user created
> for postgreSQL. Once that was fixed the install went through fine.
> Not sure if its related, but after it was installed this way, I was unable
> to access the site admin login page over the internet, I could only access
> it if I was a client on a listed node...
> If you find a different solution, please repost.
> K
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> I've run the install and it appears to "hang" on this screen...
> ---
> Database connection
>    * Postgresql database connection :
> ---
> No next button, nothing...
> The install docs don't give much information as the install progresses to
> this point, but this doesn't seem "normal."
> I don't know if this is related to a rights issue on the psql DB or
> anything, but I followed as closely the install instructions as I could.
> (Created the role and DB as shown in the docs and install
> screens.)
> Any idea what's wrong?
> Running on FC5.
> All pre-reqs are met, packages and extensions installed.
> -Greg
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Rajendra Jagad
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