[isf-wifidog] Trac, bugs and spam

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Ven 1 Sep 12:53:45 EDT 2006

Today I finally removed all the spam from the bug tracker.  While it won't 
prevent it from coming back, it will allow us to deal with it until the 
version of trac with spam blocking is released and installed.

I also did some triage on the bugs, fixed a few, closed others. 

I tried do readjust the components list to make it clearer.

I removed the version field (which is of no use to us for now) to simplify the 
report form.

I'm wondering if we shouldn't remove the Type field (Bug report, Feature 
request, Non-coding task) as well.  Is it usefull to anyone?

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