[isf-wifidog] Debug output, same problem, but using OpenWRT now.

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Mar 31 Oct 11:35:03 EST 2006

Dang, lets try that again...

I submitted this last night, but it got blocked since the logs were
so long...

I'm sending it again with the logs zipped in hopes that someone can
help me while the original is languishing in moderator purgatory. :)

Ok, I installed OpenWRT and the WifiDog modules.

Using WhiteRussian RC5 and the appropriate WiFiDog versions.

I am using local auth for this example - using the admin account setup
by the install.php - just to keep it simple.

The Auth Server is "pong"ing to the Gateway.
After "authentication, I get the portal, as before.
When I put in another web address to visit, I get returned to the
login screens.

The debug logs appear to show the auth being accepted, but then later
being rejected - almost immediately. (See times Jan 1, 00:34:37 and

As far as I can see things are working as they should, but for some
reason, the auth server "revokes" the authentication it just allowed.

(Also, does it need to "pong" so often?)


D7 Logs Attached, zipped.
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