[isf-wifidog] Registering problem?

Benoit Gregoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mer 25 Oct 14:25:29 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 25 October 2006 14:00, Carl-Frédéric De Celles wrote:
> Hi!
> (Short presentation: Carl-Frederic De Celles, in charge of
> communication (and other task such as configuration!) for ZAP Québec,
> which stands for Zone d'Accès Public Québec, french translation of
> HotSpot Québec. Proudly using Wifidog to built our network! Once set
> up, we will try to participate in the future developement of the
> platform, but firt thing first, I'm trying to get it working
> correctly...)
> http://auth.quebecsansfil.org (temp name):
> Problem 1: When trying to register (on the web or on the access
> point, I get:
> Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /var/www/
> quebecsansfil.org/auth/signup.php on line 230

Very strange!  I take it none of the code was modified?  

I'd like you to check two things:

1-Set the Language to English, and see if you still have the error.  If you 
don't, there may be a problem with reading the po files.
2-What is the value of "Validation grace period" in the network settings?

> Problem 2: Nobody never receive the mail...

Probably related.  But did you check that you can send mail from PHP?

> Don't even know if both are related. But any help is welcome! Thanks.
> Question 1: Is there a way to validate a user with the
> "administrator" account?

Not currently (will be there before 1.0).

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