[isf-wifidog] Connection to Auth_server/Unable to connect to database on localhost

CASTANHEIRA, Nuno Osvaldo nocastanheira at refertelecom.pt
Jeu 19 Oct 11:41:47 EDT 2006

That problem was solved, the error was in the wifidog.conf file, in the authentication server configuration.

AuthServer {--------------------- After all of this lines
    Hostname my_auth_server-------      could not 
    HTTPPort 80------------------        have any
    Path /wifidog/---------------         space.

My problem now it´s in the connection to database. I get the error:

"Unable to connect to database on localhost
   Unable to retrieve schema version. The database schema is too old to be updated.
     Try running the installation script."
Can anyone help me about that.


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De: Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux [mailto:acveilleux at gmail.com] 
Enviada: sexta-feira, 13 de Outubro de 2006 23:05
Para: CASTANHEIRA, Nuno Osvaldo
Assunto: Re: [isf-wifidog] Connection to Auth_server

> AuthServer {
>     Hostname
>     SSLAvailable no
>     Path /wifidog/
> }# Parameter: GatewayPort

I'm not sure the parser is good enough to deal with comments on the same line as the } bracket. I would add a new line here. I would also set HTTPPort anyway. If the parsing fails, the auth server never gets recorded.

> FirewallRuleSet locked-users {
>     FirewallRule block to

The closing } is missing.

At first, I would stick with close to the default FirewallRuleSet statements to debug the basic configuration of the gateway.


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