[isf-wifidog] AUthenication problem from WAN side and Portal give smarty.classes line 1095 errors

vinay menon menon.vinay at gmail.com
Sam 14 Oct 03:40:42 EDT 2006


By what you said i understand that you need your auth server to use some
port other than port 80
to communicate with the wifidog router,right?

Well if that's the case you need to change the listen port configuration of
your Web Server
If you are using Apache2 on Linux(Debian/Ubuntu) you can change the listen
port in ports.conf of /etc/apache2/
also make the changes in virutalhost file as necessary.

Also once you have done this you need to change HTTPPort directive in
wifidog.conf page on the router as it is
used for Ping/Pong to auth server.

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