[isf-wifidog] AUthenication problem from WAN side and Portal give smarty.classes line 1095 errors

Rajendra Jagad rjagad at gmail.com
Sam 14 Oct 01:30:35 EDT 2006

Hi Guys

I got the wifidog on linksys to communicated with my authenication server.
when both are located inside the LAN
if the wifidog  linksys router is located outside on the customers site it
needs to authenticate the wifidog using WAN connection
of the authentication server. That is what I am having problem with

Wifidog==>Internet==>PublicIP<router>==>Authenication Server(Private IP)

Now since the router is accessiable on WAN side via port 80. I cannot create
a valid Port open request on the router.(NAT) for port 80.. So I need to
change the way authentication server accepts incoming request from wifidog
and change it to something different then port 80,, Like 8080 for example.

I cannot figure out where the authenication server configuration file is .
Its not config.php//

Where do I change this. Please help



Rajendra Jagad
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