[isf-wifidog] Coova Schme not working with Wifidog database scheme.

Rajendra Jagad rjagad at gmail.com
Jeu 12 Oct 17:39:55 EDT 2006

I ran PHP install and did not choose Radius Option only pear CHAP option. So
after connecting to the database, Successful I copied
the wifidog-postgres-schema.sql that has all the scheme and tables. it does
not reongize the coova box with Coova SSID
It get the pong on the coova box but no authentication. I do not have the
admin password because it said no radius implemention install
which is correct.

I need the default admin password for the PORTAL so I can add node and
users. Or is is suppose to autmatically add node.

Is there a Scheme.sql for coova wifidog ? I think same scheme should work..
Right ?

Rajendra Jagad
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