[isf-wifidog] RC3 to Coova upgrade

wlan at mac.com wlan at mac.com
Dim 8 Oct 13:35:55 EDT 2006

> 1. Why does it put in extra NVRAM variables for the hotspot settings?
> Why can't it read/write to wifidog.conf instead.

It does write the wifidog.conf, but no, it does not parse it. The  
nvram variables are nice because they will remain when you flash and  
erase the jffs partition. You will find the use of nvram variables  
and local read/write "helper" files throughout the firmware. I try to  
capture all these files (as well as most nvram variables) when you  
use the "System / Config Management" to download and upload  

What I would like to see, and is what we did for ChilliSpot, is allow  
for easy 'centralized' configuration possibilities. Is there already  
something available via the wifidog captive portal? In the Chillispot  
case, we use RADIUS to - basically - download much of its  
configuration (captive portal configs, walled garden, etc).

> 2. Why can't I break the bridge between the lan/wan from the  
> Interface?
> Would this functionality break the traffic shaping?  Would it break
> Chilli?

Sorry... Actually, when you are using chillispot (under "Hotspot /  
Configuration") you can split the interfaces by selecting "Wireless  
Only" for the Hotspot Mode. This, however, is not implemented for  
wifidog yet.

> 3. When I installed the firmware, I had to manually do an ipkg update.
> Can't this be done automatically when the user tries to install  
> wifidog
> for the first time?

Yeah, that is also on the todo list... ;)

> I'm just wondering, since your firmware looks very interesting.  So  
> far,
> other than that, it looks pretty good.

Thanks, and your feedback is appreciated.


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