[isf-wifidog] gateway and auth-server on the same machine

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Lun 2 Oct 12:25:09 EDT 2006

I'm sure you'll get lots of opinion from others more qualified than

However, IMO, CentOS is a bad choice unless you're not at all taken
back by compiling from source stuff like PHP5.

I tend to want to use a good distro because I *DON'T* have to compile
stuff myself often. If I do have to compile a bunch of stuff, then I'm
not getting the benefit of the distro.

I'm not done yet, getting my WifiDog up and running, but I think FC5
has a lot more of the stuff built in and install-able via YUM

So, the short of it is, I think FC5 is a better start. If you don't
mind a bunch of compiling, then perhaps CentOS is fine.


> Hi, a greeting to all the list from Italy !
> I'm looking for a light system to manage clients coming from wlan and 
> appreciate vaery much the wifidog ...but I have a basic question in order to
> save money for small wifi-comunity: can i run the gateway and the 
> auth-server on the same linux box ? we think to use a CentOS 4.3 distro,
> running on Intel Petntium 4 machine.
> Many thanks to all answers.

> --
> Antonio 

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